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I specialize in helping women find freedom  

                 in their life.

         What can I help you with? 

Find your freedom


My Vision

Freedom Coaching & Hypnotherapy is about helping women find freedom in their lives; discover their inner light, inner genius, inner brilliance. We are all absolutely fabulous, brilliant and wonderful, sometimes our inner light just gets covered up by lots of crap like false ideas about ourselves, toxic beliefs, stress, fears, overwhelm and trauma. When we clear that away, our true, authentic brilliance shines through, and the whole world benefits. When a woman empowers herself, the ripples to everyone in her world are profound.

I envision a world where everyone is the highest, most beautiful expression of themselves. That's the world I want to live in, so that's what I'm working to co-create.


What I Offer

I offer classes, groups and one-on-one hypnotherapy/coaching services. I focus primarily on working with women, though I can help a variety of people with a variety of issues. 

Hypnotherapy is especially helpful for changing your response to stress, making habit changes, and removing fears. However, hypnotherapy helps with so much more... helping you create and tap into strong inner resources, and feel and perform at your best. Almost anything you do, you can do better with the aid of hypnotherapy. 


My Story

I started working with women in 2003 as a bodyworker. My clients shared their personal struggles with me: at work, in personal relationships, and their relationship with themselves and their own bodies.

I loved seeing them leave happier and more relaxed than they were when they walked in. I loved seeing the benefits that regular self-care had in their lives. But I searched for a way to have more impact. I wanted my clients to experience lasting, far-reaching change in their lives. I wanted to celebrate with them as they discovered their true inner brilliance and let it shine.

Through my personal growth-work, I was led to hypnosis. When I realized how powerful, fast, and painless change could be through hypnosis, I knew I wanted to use it to help others.

FREE relaxation MP3

15-Minute Chill

 A hypnotic-relaxation recording featuring two scientifically-proven relaxation techniques. Imagine hitting your reset button; emerging refreshed and restored in less than the time it takes to make a coffee run. Downloadable as an MP3 you can upload to your phone for stress relief on the go. 

Think of it as your own personal charging port.