Hypnosis for Fertility


Infertility can be a devastating diagnosis. It can be heartbreaking and isolating as friends and family members may just “not get it” and chime in with advice like “just relax, it’ll happen”. It can take a toll on relationships and leave you feeling broken and helpless.

The good news is that whether your infertility has a clear cause, or is unexplained, hypnosis is a powerful way to heal. It allows you to tap into the vital mind/body connection, dramatically lower stress, and gives you ways to communicate powerful messages of receptivity and fertility to your body. It supports natural fertility as well as increasing the effectiveness of any Assisted Reproductive Technologies, like In-Vitro Fertilization. 


More than just relaxation or guided visualization, HypnoFertility® is a comprehensive and fully customized program designed to tap into the mind/body “connection”. Far beyond theory, it's been used effectively for nearly two decades to bring countless babies into the world. Some clients have even been surprised when, after struggling with repeated failed IVF procedures, they get pregnant naturally. 

Hypnosis Works - Studies Show Significant Benefit

  • A study published in 2000 in the journal Fertility and Sterility, found that 55% of previously infertile women who met regularly in a mind/body program conceived, compared to only 20% of the control group who did not use mind/body techniques
  • Another study, reported in Reproductive Endocrinology, in April 2000, treated women in their second year of infertility who were not yet depressed. The women who received group psychological interventions to avoid depression caused by infertility had significantly increased viable pregnancies compared to the group who did not receive preventative treatment for depression. 

*Above studies cited in HypnoFertility®, the Theories and Principles of Hypnotism for Fertility, by Lynsi Eastburn. 

  • A study of the impact of hypnosis during embryo transfer (ET) found that the use of hypnosis during ET may significantly improve the IVF/ET cycle outcome in terms of increased implantation and clinical pregnancy rates. The hypnosis group saw two times the conception rate compared to the non-hypnosis group. Fertility & Sterility (2006).
  • A study of the practical uses of clinical hypnosis in enhancing fertility, healthy pregnancy, and childbirth, found hypnosis to be an effective method to reduce stress, enhance feelings of control, as well as to manage psycho-emotional issues that may be contributing to infertility. Complementary Therapies in Clinical Practice (2009).

Holistic, Whole-Person Focus

HypnoFertility® is a multi-faceted, comprehensive, hypnotic program developed through thousands of hours of clinical experience by award-winning Board-Certified Hypnotherapist, Lynsi Eastburn. We use a very holistic approach, and work with the whole person... body, mind, and spirit.  Not only do we work together one-on-one in the office (Zoom sessions also available), but you are given empowering tools to continue to benefit from our work together for years to come. Find out what using hypnosis for fertility can do for you. 

I have been personally trained and certified by Lynsi, and have worked with her since 2016. In addition to my training in hypnotherapy, I bring over 16 years of experience in massage and bodywork, a Certification in Clinical Aromatherapy, and training in energy work. 

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(I also work with fertility clients as part of the HypnoFertility International team. You can find more info about Lynsi's fertility program at HypnoFertility.com. You'll see me listed on the page "Who We Are".)