Stop Struggling - Hack Your Mind for Weight Loss

How can hypnosis help you lose weight?

Stop Relying on Willpower!

The best diet and exercise program can’t help you lose weight if you can’t get yourself to do it. Most weight loss solutions rely on willpower. The problem with willpower is - it SUCKS! Let me be more specific… the problem with willpower is it really only works in the short-term, and only under ideal conditions.  A lot of things threaten willpower… not getting enough sleep last night, low-blood sugar (a common occurrence among dieters), and negative emotions like stress and sadness (hello emotional eating – pass the Ben and Jerry’s!).


Willpower doesn’t stand a chance against your powerful, potent imagination. As Emile Coue said “When the imagination and willpower are in conflict… it is always the imagination which wins, without any exception.” That piece of birthday cake sitting in the breakroom? Your willpower might say “no”… but your imagination reminds you how silky that frosting is, what your teeth feel like sinking into it, the way it smells, the sweetness that lingers on your tongue… next thing you know, you’re wiping frosting off your mouth, wondering what happened to the willpower you had all morning.

It’s time you used that power for good! Hypnosis helps tap into the power of your imagination to get it working for you rather than against you. 

Hypnosis Backed by Science (yep, real science)

The Journal of Consulting and Clinical Psychology published a meta-analysis (meaning they analyze the results from multiple studies) of adding hypnosis to weight-loss programs. What they found was that the people who used hypnosis lost over twice the amount of weight as the people who didn’t use hypnosis. AND the results are sustainable! To quote the study "the benefits of hypnosis increased substantially over time".

Another study took 109 people and divided them into 2 groups. Both groups made the same changes in diet and exercise. One group also received hypnosis, and the other group made the changes without hypnosis. After 9 weeks both groups lost weight. However, when they checked back after 8 months, and again after 2 years, the group that did not have hypnosis did not lose any additional weight, and in fact, most of them gained most of their weight back. The hypnosis group, however, CONTINUED to lose weight during both intervals and the study showed that far more people in the hypnosis group met their long-term goals.  

 “Working with Rachel and participating in her weight loss hypnosis group was a game-changer for me. I have tried many things to lose weight over the years and while some things worked, they didn't endure. I wasn't able to make lasting changes, until now. I experienced some amazing shifts in how I feel about and react to food. Even the way it tastes and what I crave has changed for the better. I'm less inflamed, better rested, and feel more in control in my life. I had so many "ah-ha" moments throughout the class! I not only gained insight into my personal process, but plucked out the negative thinking surrounding my weight at its core. I have been steadily losing weight since the weight loss hypnosis group and highly recommend it!” Amelia 

Weight Loss Services


  •  Get easy-to-use tools you can use the rest of your life to deal with negative emotions in a healthy way, so you can stop “eating your emotions”
  • Learn a practical process for determining if you are truly hungry, or just craving food for emotional reasons
  • Get in touch with your body and finally make peace with it
  • Change your food preferences and cravings so you actually WANT to eat healthier
  • Instead of dreading exercise, discover ways to make movement fun
  • Amp up your metabolism
  • Change your relationship with food
  • Gain confidence and power in your life to tackle whatever obstacles come your way

Choose the option that fits you

'Reveal the Goddess Within' Program


  • Tap into group power… up to 8 women… who can provide support; a team of women all working towards the same goal
  • 6 in-person group sessions
  • 3 hypnosis recordings provide additional relaxation and focus
  • Workbook: additional information and action steps to support your success

Personalized, Individual Sessions


  • 6 sessions, personalized and customized for you
  • 3 hypnosis recordings provide additional relaxation and focus

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